Scandinavian Design ...made EASY!

So you've probably noticed the ultra cool, calm, and collected trend floating lightly around your pinterest & instagram, as of late. You can't put your finger on it, but its light and soothing hues bring you to a winter wonderland that can be enjoyed even in the summers. But you may be confused on what it is and how to achieve it.

A blend of styles {from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland}, Scandinavian interiors are a balance of functionality and aesthetics. The design results in spaces filled with light, heavily utilizing natural elements, neutral color palettes, and clean lines.

Below is a simple guide on "Scandi-fying" your home, along with inspiration to get your design juices flowing.




Where to Start?? WALL COLOR - Vaporous Blues, soft grays, and milky whites.

A recent article in House Beautiful listed a few scandi-friendly paint options that will set the background to your new obsession. Here's some to name a few: Sherwin-Williams - Only Natural SW7596, Sherwin-Williams - Sleepy BlueSW6225, Sherwin-Williams - Sensible Hue SW6198, Farrow & Ball - Lamp Room Gray 88.


The key to great design is mixing your elements. Create harmony in your space { soft pastels / natural woods / plants / warm-tone metals / B&W prints and geometric patterns }

Mixing textures and materials, such as unfinished wood pieces, fur rugs, and soft linens, brings nature into the home, adding that restful vibe that the decor is so famous for. Plants, for example, are a great way to integrate color and texture and add interest without feeling cluttered. Black is regularly used too, helping to anchor the room and define and highlight the features of choice. The Scandinavians are well known for their use of wood throughout their homes, largely due to an appreciation for readily available natural materials, but also for the way in which it adds warmth to the space.

Wine & Dine   [bring the Scandi into your kitchen and dining experience incorporating the essentials above]. From copper pots, funky geo patterned plating, and fresh herbs to spruce up your meals. Scandinavian style has a strong focus on liveability and leaving everything out in the open. You’ll see open shelving in many Scandi homes!

Special touches...

A chunky arm knit throw. Cold or not on a lazy Sunday morning, you will love curling up to this plushy goodness on your sofa or bed. One of my faves is @chunkyhanna found on instagram. Now, if you're a crafty individual you may want to try making this beauty yourself. Check out the DIY guide on

Finally...a bit of history!

The environment in the Nordic countries was largely responsible for the design that evolved. Winters were long, meaning there was little daylight, and people often had very small houses, causing the need for bright and airy, yet cozy, homes.

In 1947, a popular design exhibition in Milan, Italy, called the Triennale di Milano, showcased furniture and home accessories from the Nordic countries – and they were very well received. Based on this popularity, the Design in Scandinavia show traveled across the U.S. and Canada from 1954 to 1957.  The 1990’s saw a huge rise in popularity of Scandinavian design, when designers began creating bold, unique statement pieces as individual units of design.

And NOW? Scandinavian design has seen a big rise throughout Europe and the States. The concept behind this design is simplicity and beauty, a match everyone can appreciate.

For a more in-depth look check out the article below used for inspo & info!