Winter/Spring 2017 {Traveling during the Zika Era}

Well if you don't know what Zika is at this point you probably live under a rock. As an expecting mother recently relocating from Puerto Rico back to NY, this Zika has been haunting my travel dreams. My plans of long & mesmerizing walks into the beach sunsets of PR, among other places have diminished and I'm certainly not alone. So I've been doing my research and I want to bring to you "My Top 5 Safe Travel Destinations" of 2017,  during this cold season. While it is obvious that one can travel to plenty of cold climates throughout the Northern Hemisphere such as Europe, I'd rather focus on hot and sultry destinations during the chilly times we're experiencing as of late. Of course as the virus continuous to migrate and transform,  one should double triple check on the CDC's Website for latest news, before running to book their flight.

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