House of MERAKI is the haven created where passions of design, travel and food are united into a beautiful symphony.  Our ideology stemming from the Greek word meraki, emphasizes that all creations here at Our House are a combination of creativity, love, and soul. In the blog, the designer will share her experiences, tips and tricks, and welcome the talk over all things soulful.

{ MERAKI Design }  Our first love - to create beautiful and inviting experiences through interior design. Bringing knowledge, experience, and skills to the table, we give our clients the tools and motivation to pour themselves into their designed space. Each client is unique and their space should reflect that individuality.

{ MERAKI Travel }  In this day and age, we have the world at our fingertips. Inspiration from the cultures explored and roads less-traveled are visualized. Here, we hope to spark the unexpected and stimulate ones mind and spirit.

{ MERAKI Food }  Food is the pillar of a Greek house, and this is carried here in the House of MERAKI. The Mediterranean palette of life appeals to all the senses and arouses the soul.